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About us


      Sedcom Libris, a company with the headquarters in Iasi city, with a tradition of more than 50 years in the field, member of AGORA Employers Organization of the Printing Distribution and other Cultural Goods Companies, set, from the very beginning, as its main activity objective the books distribution and paper and office products and toys marketing, achieving its profile through a network of more than 30 modernised and computerized book shops. The company has always anticipated and accompanied the market needs evolution, that is why in the past years, it has diversified its activity to a large extent. At the moment, it has the structure of a specialized companies group, which makes it capable of meeting some more diversified and sophisticated requirements, thus participating in the cultural and economical world evolution. By all its projects, Sedcom Libris focuses on the promotion of culture under its various forms, being ready to conquer new market sectors, extend its activity area and create new jobs.
      Sedcom Libris has enabled the access to Book for more than 50 years. The Sedcom Libris Book Shops, founded on a general background, benefit from a large range of titles, selected from more than one thousand publishing-houses from Romania and abroad. That is why, by promoting a diversified book stock, we offer you the possibility to enjoy interesting readings, purchase and own reference works in your library, diversified bibliographical stock (Literature, Art, Economy, Computer Science, History, Politics, Philosophy, Linguistics, Literary Critics, Law, Mathematics, Physics, Natural Sciences, Architecture, Medicine, Management, Marketing, Foreign Languages, Literature for Children and Young People), as well as the latest publishing-houses new releases. Through us, you will discover books that you will never forget and you will always keep at the bottom of your hearts; through us, you will find out that each book promises an extraordinary experience, an adventurous and interesting experience; through us, you will rediscover your love for culture, desire for learning and understanding and the reading joy will accomplish your inner universe. With a long-time experience in the field, Sedcom Libris provides you with a complete services package based on modern and competent logistics: specialized counseling from professional booksellers, careful handling of all customers' orders, information custom-built services, carrying out subject bibliographies upon request. The presentation of a diverse products stock which efficiently meets the customers' requirements, stimulating the pleasure for reading by book releases and organization of the National Book Fair Librex, the focus on the market requirements, as well as the affective and professional involvement of more than 200 employees are real factors that led to the company's compelling recognition on the economical and cultural Romanian scene, by competence, dynamism and flexibility. Books are passion, and passion is shared… As we care who you are, what you do and where you want to get.
      The Sedcom Libris Book Shops wait for you to visit also Stationer's Shops, ideal, pleasant, comfortable and modern locations that could inspire you for the most uncommon presents: writing tools, notebooks, agendas, cards, school items, office aids, diverse office items, toys for children, traveling and music items. There is a dynamic and professional team as well as a complete products range, that suit the current Romanian market requirements that could help you anytime. Recently founded, with a specialized profile, Office Line and Mont Blanc are two modern commercial locations which promote and distribute luxury paper and office products, imported from famous international companies such as: Centrum, Noki, Faber Castel, Inox Crom, Samsung, Polesie, Mopak, Online, Mont Blanc (exclusivity!). If you wish to have a modern office and succeed in your business, if you want your desk-mate to envy you for being so cool, or if you want to turn the music up, come visit us as you could no longer help buying! That is why, we wait for you to come to our shops, because, as you know, Professionalism is passion, and passion is shared… As we care who you are, what you do and where you want to get ….
In 1996, it was also founded the Publishing-House Department, approved by the National University Research Council (rom. C.N.C.S.I.S.) and member of the Association of Publishing-Houses with Pedagogical and Cultural Profile of Romania (rom. A.E.P.C.). The Sedcom Libris Publishing-Houses has published over 500 titles up to present, compelling recognition by its publishing catalogue as an active presence by its published works quality and diversity as well as by catching on the market and designing its demand. The subjects addressed by the publishing program, structured on several series - Economy, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Computer Science, Literature for Children, Literature, Art Albums etc. - are favorably appreciated by a wide audience as our books can be found in more than four hundred marketing locations all over the country. Over the time, the Publishing-House has focused on publishing academic books but also on publishing books for children, illustrated by local graphic designers. This department consistently involves in the professional and competent publishing of books under particular graphical and content circumstances. We also offer you texts acquirement services, computerized editing, samplings, design, book illustrations for children, scanning etc., thus meeting any requirement in the field. That is why, Books are passion, and passion is shared… As we care who you are, what you do and where you want to get …
      Out of desire to speak to the world in a language of image elegance, professionalism and color reliance, we founded The Sedcom Libris Printing-House, a company specialized in printing, screen painting and publicity services. In relatively short time, due to the high importance given to quality, the Sedcom Libris Printing-House implemented a quality control system, in compliance with ISO 9001 standard and was authorized by the National Printing-House to produce custom-built fiscal forms with special regime. The ongoing evolution and improvement of the achieved products reflect passion for profession, perseverance and experience of a supported activity: books, magazines, presentation catalogues, informative brochures, covers for books and magazines, posters, portfolios, publicity products (outline presentation and flyers), labels, packing boxes, calendars, agendas, notebooks, cards, business cards etc. By our image base on quality, honesty, professionalism, meeting the order in a timely manner and competitive prices, we compelled recognition on the competitive market and establish strong partnership relations, keeping thus long-lasting collaborations with our customers. Through us, you will discover how the image can turn into a universal language that will promote and sell your product; through us, you will discover how much you enjoy winning! That is why, color is passion, and passion is shared… As we care who you are, what you do and where you want to get …
      By our Translation Office, we provide you with professional translating and interpreting services of a high-quality text editing, accurately achieved, in a timely and cost-effective manner. We perform legalized translations of various official documents, for which we ensure efficiency and confidentiality. Our translators are professional graduates of the faculties of letters and foreign languages, certified by the Ministry of Justice, with terminological competence appropriate to the activity field, capable of reliable translations into the target language taking into account the different cultural context. The addressed fields are diverse: personal, business and marketing correspondence, contracts, emigration briefs, financial-accounting files, studies acts, diverse law texts, economical and financial texts (company's documents, economical-financial contracts, invoices, user manuals, scientific texts, construction, communications, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacy, textiles and leather industry, cosmetics, electrical, chemical and electronic engineering, tourism related texts, menus for restaurants, courses, reports, brochures, papers, resumes, literature, promotional and advertising materials etc. Our services range also includes editing, legalization and proof-reading. That is why, we thank for choosing us, because you think, like us, that reliability is passion, and passion is shared… As we care who you are, what you do and where you want to get.
      Advertising Art Department. In a world of information avalanche, under the sign of competition, the real leaders excel by efficiency, products quality, performance, style and image and due to the fact that "an image is more than an image" (Paul Valery), the visual identity is a communication building action where we can find the expression's beauty, efficiency, depth and the joy of existing or acting. Symbolic expression of major value, the visual identity builds the idea of belonging, rallying, reveals, communicates and communicates itself; the image that compels recognition in front of the others is a spirit state, a mark of uniqueness, singularity. The visual image plays a strategic role in communicating the personality's and company's strategy which reflects the gist of image that you wish to communicate. Communication will turn out extremely efficient by the harmonious use of the specific design elements such as lines, colors, forms, symbols, topographical treatment etc. The visual image needs to interpret and cause a reaction. So, what do you suggest you? The services package Visual image, an identity aid necessary to the company's development projects, which varies to a large extent from the publicity style traditional image, creating images and offering incisive styles which intend to touch the otherness. Who should benefit from this Services Package? All the managers who have recently started their business, those who wish to bring a change to the company's image, those who have the intention of investing capital in the company's image. Where does this package aim at? Winning, (re)launching your company's image on the competitive market, sending an efficient message to the present and/or potential customers. What does this Services Package include? Presentation/correspondence documents: white/black or colored headings, business cards and envelopes, with modern design and at least three versions of slogans and logo. Besides these, we could also perform presentation catalogs, brochures, flyers, posters, custom-built briefs, portfolios, invitations, calendars, CD cases. As identification is passion, and passion is shared. As we care who you are, what you do and where you want to get.

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